Creative Ways To Market Yourself As A Designer

Creative Ways To Market Yourself As A Designer

How I survive as a freelance graphic designer

How I survive as a freelance graphic designer

Fighting Fiscal Phantoms

Does the fiscal-crisis story even make sense?

… .  the tax hikes and spending cuts scheduled to kick in at the end of this year are precisely not what we want to see happen in a still-depressed economy.

"Incompetent Managers": Vulture Capitalism Ate Your Twinkies

Instead of blaming workers, we should be holding the incompetent managers to account and cheering on any and every effort to rescue Hostess from the clutches of the vulture capitalists.

If This Keeps Up, Single-Payer Will Be Here Before You Know It

This cost-shifting, though extremely problematic for workers in the short-term, may mean that in the long-term Americans will finally say goodbye to employment-based health insurance coverage altogether and demand a single-payer, Medicare-like system for all.

"Life, Death And Deficits": There Is No Good Case For Denying Older Americans Access To Medicare And Social Security

The bottom line is that raising the age of eligibility for either Social Security benefits or Medicare would be destructive, making Americans’ lives worse without contributing in any significant way to deficit reduction. Democrats, in particular, who even consider either alternative need to ask themselves what on earth they think they’re doing… .

What we know for sure is that there is no good case for denying older Americans access to the programs they count on. This should be a red line in any budget negotiations, and we can only hope that Mr. Obama doesn’t betray his supporters by crossing it.

"Fueled, Serviced, And Collected": How Wall Street Profits From The College Loan Mess

fueled by the very same forces that drove subprime mortgages through the roof: Wall Street’s seemingly endless appetite for new ways to make profit. In this case, investor demand for student loan asset backed securities (SLABS) resulted in private student lenders—primarily Sallie Mae, Citi, Wells Fargo, and the other big banks—to relax lending standards and aggressively begin marketing these loans directly to students… . The largest percentage of private loans taken out in 2008 were by students at for-profit colleges. In 2008, just 14 percent of all undergrads took out a private loan while 42 percent of students at for-profit colleges took them out. And as we now know, these loans are sinking borrowers—with absolutely no ability to discharge these loans by filing bankruptcy… .

Over the last two decades, our nation—in a major shift from its historical roots—slowly privatized and financialized the responsibility of paying for college. The result is a system in which the entire pipeline of student loans—now the largest source of “aid” for most students—is fueled, serviced, and collected by Wall Street.

Hispanic population boom will reshape Texas politics, but question is when - Dallas Morning News

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Macon Telegraph (blog)Hispanic population boom will reshape Texas politics, but question is whenDallas Morning NewsThe hope in this year’s election for Texas Democrats, still stuck in the unrelenting freeze-out of every state office, was watching…

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Afghan girl tells court she hid behind father as he was shot - CNN.com

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A 7-year-old Afghan girl testified Sunday she hid behind her father as he was killed during a shooting rampage in southern Afghanistan.

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A Progressive Surge | The Nation

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In election 2012, a ‘rising American electorate’ carried Obama and a strong slate of Democrats to victory.

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I’m Worth More than You Are (According to SuperPACs)

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I feel pretty strongly about this whole SuperPAC thing, about the way that money in politics has so dramatically bastardized the election process.

Long ago it was “one person/one vote,” but now it seems to be “one dollar/one vote.”

According to this NPR video (full credit where credit is due), it’s not even that anymore… Seems that I’m worth over $5.00 because I live in New Hamphsire. Only Nevada’s denizens are worth more than I am and, if you’re in California, you’re worth pretty much nothin’.

Don’t believe me? Watch…

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Arizona Defends Its Restrictive Abortion Ban Because Fetal Birth Defects Are “The Woman’s Problem”

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A federal appeals court panel on Monday considered Arizona’s stringent abortion ban, which has the distinction of being the most restrictive in the nation because it criminalizes almost all abortions after just 20 weeks.

An example of how dysfunctional the right wing has become, and how very anti-women.

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still struggling to keep it ours

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Bernie Sanders

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Crazy bad

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